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Huskey Auto Electric Inc. of Boise, ID has been serving you for 64 years. We are the only electrical shop in Treasure Valley that specializes in rotating electrical parts and secondary ignition systems.


We specialize in repairs and complete wiring for old muscle-vintage cars and cars that predate 1970. Contact us to learn more about all other electrical services.

Our electrical parts services produce outstanding results

We handle all types of auto needs

  • Auto

  • Diesel

  • Industrial

  • Commercial

  • Marine

  • RV

  • EMS vehicles

Get your electrical parts or automotive devices repaired when you call us at:


  • Primary and secondary electrical repair

  • Charging and starting system specialist

  • Full AC service

  • Auto electrical work

  • Door locks

  • Ignitions

  • Car seats and windows

Guaranteed quality for any and all automotive or commercial electrical work

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